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TCAP Super Value One-day Pass: 13 Major Amusement Rides Starting Jan. 1!

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Post date:2019-12-30


Press bureau:Department of Information Technology


Fun amusement rides at affordable prices! As the favorite destination among thrifty parents, Taipei Children’s Amusement Park (TCAP) has recently unveiled the highly popular one-day pass for the period between January 1 and June 30, targeting general visitors (NT$200) and those entitled to ticket concessions (NT$180 for Taipei City citizens, children under the age of 12, and students with valid student IDs). The ticket is valid for one day on the day of purchase, offering ticketholders unlimited access to 13 major amusement rides in the park so that adults and children can have a blast for the whole day!

In celebrating Christmas and TCAP’s anniversary, the immensely popular super value one-day pass will be available once again from January to June 2020, offering ticketholders unlimited access to 13 major amusement rides in the park. Generally, enjoying all 13 amusement rides costs NT$310, and upon factoring in the NT$30 admission, one would have to fork out a total of NT$340. However, the one day pass only costs NT$200 (includes admission ticket). Those qualifying for ticket admissions may purchase the one-day pass for just NT$180, instantly saving NT$140-160. The more you enjoy the amusement rides, the more money you can save, therefore the one-day pass is guaranteed to give you the best bang for your buck. Visitors are reminded that the rides are subject to restrictions such as height, and sometimes adult supervision is required, please pay attention and observe the instructions of the staff.

In addition to the amusement rides, there are also the brand new, 3-story high zipline experience and exciting room escape games to challenge the courage and intelligence of adults and children.

Located by the Poli Ferris Wheel, people can often be heard screaming excitedly “This is so exhilarating and so much fun!” at the ziplining facility as they glide down from 3 stories up at an elevation of 7.9m wearing a harness that is suspended below the pulleys. Powered solely by gravity, they must overcome their fear of heights as they glide down from the top in order to enjoy the scintillating sensation of speed! The facility charges NT$100 per ride via EasyCard, and it is subject to height (130-180cm) and weight (30-80kg) restrictions. Furthermore, the visitors must wear a safety harness and protective gear at all times.

After enjoying the thrilling amusement rides, it is time to tease your brain. A total of 5 different challenges are available for the room escape game; besides the Lost in Wonderland, Treasure Hunter – Pirates’ Hidden Treasures, and Fantasy World, 2 more challenges have been added: Prison Break Plus and Fantasy Strike Plus. The professionally and exquisitely designed environment creates an immersive gaming experience. As long as you solve the puzzle and escape the room in time, you will be able to feel an overwhelming sense of achievement and satisfaction. Each challenge is charged via EasyCard (NT$150 for one person, NT$160 for 2, NT$300 for 4, and children under the height of 110 cm may participate for free).

Visitors are reminded that the 13 major amusement rides included for the one day pass are: Ocean Carousel, Poli Ferris Wheel, Monorail (Single Rail Train), Crazy Bus (Flying Bus), Wave Swinger (Radial Flying Chairs), Telecombat (Spinning Aircraft), Spinning Tea Cups, Spinning Chairs (Swiveling Chairs), Swing Ship (Pirate Ship), Magic Star Trek (Roller Coaster), Dancing Fly, Bumper Cars, and Drop Tower (Free Fall). The plethora of surprising and entertaining amusement facilities allow people of all ages to have a blast for the entire day by experiencing the stirring feeling of looking down at the scenic view from a high elevation and by centrifugal force!

For additional details, please contact the TRTC’s 24-hour customer service hotline (02) 218-12345 and 1999 Taipei Citizen Hotline (for callers outside of Taipei, please dial 02-27208889) or TCAP’s website. You can also refer to the company’s official website (

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