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The Highly Popular Four Beast Mt. Hiking Trails

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Post date:2021-09-15



Connecting Tiger Mountain, Leopard Mountain, Lion Mountain, and Elephant Mountain, the Shishoushan (Four Beast Mountain) Hiking Trails is a famous section of the Taipei Grand Trail system. The trail introduces citizens to various aspects of life in Taipei, including landscape, ecosystem, and culture.
The Highly Popular Four Beast Mt. Hiking TrailsTo ensure the safety of hikers, the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) worked on linking various walkways and historical routes in the mountainous region, including famous attractions such as the well-known lookout offering a great view of Taipei 101 and the Yongchunpi Wetland Park.

The Shishoushan Hiking Trail can be further divided into the Tiger Mountain Circle Trail, Leopard Mountain Circle Trail, Lion Mountain Circle Trail, and Elephant Mountain Circle Trail.

Another must-visit location is the firefly ecology protection area in Tiger Mountain. Not only did conservation efforts paid off, a total of 4 firefly spotting sessions were held in April this year, attracting 15,406 participants.

According to GEO, the impact of the pandemic has subsided and various guided tours have already resumed. The first tour session will spotlight the Tiger Mountain trail and all openings have been booked. In compliance with pandemic prevention regulations, in addition to putting a cap on the openings available, the participants are further subdivided into small groups to ensure adequate distancing.

For those interested in tours of these hiking trails, please keep track of the latest updates at GEO’s Chinese website ( or its Facebook fan page.