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Deputy Mayor Kicks-off 2022 Ka-Lah-a Summer Breeze Festival

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Post date:2022-06-21



To promote the development of Wanhua “Ka-Lah-a” commercial district, the Taipei City Office of Commerce (TCOOC) joined hands with the Taipei Wanhua Business Association (TWBA) to organize the 2022 Ka-Lah-a Summer Breeze Festival. Lasting through June 30, the event features puzzle-solving games for the entire family, Ka-Lah-a fukubukuro (“lucky bag”) giveaways, and special deals at stores in the commercial district!
Deputy Mayor Kicks-off 2022 Ka-Lah-a Summer Breeze Festival 
Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan remarked that the Ka-Lah-a commercial district is a young and vibrant shopping area founded in 2020. Located in Wanhua District, the neighborhood boasts a rich historical heritage which successfully attracted younger generation merchants to set up their shops in the community.
The city government first offered subsidies to the Second Ka-Lah-a Daily Life Festival in 2021. This year, it continues to provide support to the Ka-Lah-a Summer Breeze Festival, encouraging visitors to come to Wanhua District and stimulate the economy of the young commercial district.
TWBA Chairman Chou Meng-ju noted that primary patrons of the Ka-Lah-a commercial district include entire families and local residents. Hopefully, through the Ka-Lah-a Summer Breeze Festival, customers will have more reasons to stop by different types of stores through the interest in puzzle-solving activities and special deals campaign.
For those who successfully clear the puzzle-solving activity, he or she will receive one Ka-Lah-a lucky bag. The bag comes with goodies spanning vouchers to limited edition folder to glass cups with mascot characters. Also, customers spending NT$200 or more at partner stores before June 30 will receive a chance to enter the “gashapon” (blind box) raffle, which offers prizes ranging from Woo Tiger Charm to Momo Deer stir-fry cup.
For more information on the event, please visit the Facebook fan page of TWBA (Link) or the Facebook fan page of TCOOC (Link).