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Training for Rooftop Gardeners at TPL Donghu Branch

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Post date:2022-07-06



Garden City is considered a major policy for Mayor Ko Wen-je’s administration. The city government invested much effort into the implementation of rooftop gardens over the years. One of these facilities – the Experimental Hanging Farm – is located on the rooftop of the Taipei Public Library (TPL) Donghu Branch.
Training for Rooftop Gardeners at TPL Donghu Branch 
The facility is not only an example of a rooftop garden established by city hall, but also an important venue for training rooftop gardeners. Courses offer instructions on how to set up a rooftop garden from scratch. The first batch of inspiring rooftop gardeners completed their training at the end of May. Hopefully, they will help to initiate numerous community gardens across the city in the near future.
Mayor Ko visited the rooftop greens to inspect the progress of trainees on June 30. After years of policy promotion, there are currently over 100 rooftop gardens across the city. One of the common problems for citizens interested in the project is how to start and where to acquire materials. This was the driving force behind the program – a class that answers questions for enthusiasts and help to strengthen networking among members of the community and gardening industry personnel.
The Department of Economic Development (DED) pointed out that the rooftop garden at TCL Donghu Branch was founded in 2021. Covering an area of 500 square meters, the facility is the venue for the 4-month-long training program for prospective gardeners. Students spend the first month learning the basics, from pest prevention to plant nutrition. The next three months involve hands-on training under the watchful eyes of expert farmers while obtaining experience on raising different fruits and vegetables.
Training for Rooftop Gardeners at TPL Donghu Branch 
In addition to promoting gardening knowledge, the agency also offers subsidies for setting up community gardens, helping prospective gardening enthusiasts kick-start their green rooftops at their own home or communities.
The rooftop garden at TPL Donghu Library accepts public tours during library business hours. For group visits, please register with the Chi-hsin Agricultural Development Foundation (Link). For more information on Garden City, please visit the Chinese website of DED (Link) or its Facebook fan page (Link).