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DISCOVER TAIPEI Jul/Aug 2013 Vol.96

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Roaming Taipei's Museums

In the heat of high summer, visiting Taipei’s museums is a cool idea. Enjoy a wide range of 

exciting collections housed in comfortable, inviting spaces, enriching your cultural knowledge. 

Our theme this issue is “Roaming Taipei’s Museums”, and inside you’re about to set out on 

a whirlwind tour of city museums of extra-special character. Whichever you choose to explore once you jump from our pages and begin your real-life bricks-and-mortar tour, however, the Discovery Center of Taipei, which presents the city’s history and culture, should be your starting point!    

After exploring the museums, should you find yourself with a hankering to learn about the 

city’s newest scenic spots, head to our Taipei New Images department for reports on the Taipei Audio-Visual Industrial Park now taking shape, and on Songshan Station and Taipei Expo Park’s Pavilion of Future, both now sporting new looks and characters. Over in our In-Depth City Culture Explorations section we introduce “the opera of the East” – Beijing opera, giving you an in-depth look into this traditional Chinese theatre art.  

When the summer sun beats us down, iced treats offer a great – and time-honored – means of relief. Step into our Taipei’s Best Foods & Gifts bureau for a rundown on the world of colorful local iced confections, and cool yourself down. Continue your adventure by savoring our article on Taipei’s premier souvenir purchases after the recognized king, the pineapple cake. The three specialties souvenirs are mung bean cakes, longan cakes, and nougat candy, chosen in a recent local poll, with mung bean cakes taking “second specialty” first place.

What else is there to do, and where else is there to go during the Taipei summer? Among the many refreshing, heat-beating options is a leisurely art tour through the lanes of the city’s east district and, for some family fun, visits to the Taipei Aqua Friendly Festival, Taipei Robot Pavilion, and Amazon Adventure Exhibition.  

The first round of finalists, chosen from among cities worldwide bidding for 2016 World Design Capital designation, will be announced in August. In our The Taipei Quest – World Design Capital files we introduce the exquisite Taipei City “dragon scale binding” bid 

book and inspiring bid video, and add our voice to the many who are cheering the city on. Over in our What’s New in Taipei Arts files we tell you all about three of Taipei’s biggest and most popular summertime arts festivals, and about new, innovative shows at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, and Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei.   

This summer, whether you want to avoid the sun  by finding your fun indoors or whether 

you challenge the sun head on with outdoor activities, you’ll find this city pulsating with 

excitement and energy.