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TAIPEI Autumn 2022 Vol.29

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Autumn is harvest season in Taiwan, and in Taipei, it's the time when workers from many different fields capitalize on all the hard work they've put in through the summer months, utilizing the city's many resources and opportunities to reap an unforgettable third quarter.

It is in this spirit that we bring you the stories of many in the Taiwan capital who have been able to carry their dreams from vision to reality.

Fall has creativity-infused happenings scattered all across the event calendar. It's no wonder that Taipei has served as inspiration to everyone from dancers to fashion designers and musicians. In our cover story, TAIPEI invites three artists to share how they made their big city dreams come true.

As the weather cools, there is no better time to enjoy some outdoor activities. A few of our feathered friends stop by, making Taipei a haven for birds and birdwatchers alike. Kids can enjoy one of the city's many inclusive playgrounds. And for those who prefer to get away from it all, how about a hike to the secluded waterfall wonderlands of Yangmingshan?

As for other equally stimulating pastimes, the Taipei comics scene is thriving, and TAIPEI has invited the noted up-and-coming author of Pataauw to share his vision of a Taipei daydream. As night falls, get to know the culture of Ba Jia Jiang, the guardians of the god, and the mysterious mainstays of the vibrant Qingshan King Festival.

Attitudes are changing in Taipei as well, and companies such as Yo Wash are leading the charge. Find out how this progressive business is helping the unhoused of Taipei, and challenging stereotypes towards those who have fallen on hard times.

Fall is full of local flavors, too, and whether it's fermented kombucha filled with local ingredients, or freshly-baked bread, TAIPEI has the food scene covered.

Finally, many Taipei pet parents dream of leading a carefree life with their fur babies, yet the road to harmony is often littered with potholes. Fortunately for us, an animal behavior expert extraordinaire is here, helping man and beast alike to live their best lives.

All this and more, as TAIPEI tumbles into fall.