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Ganzhou St -Tea Street 甘州街_茶葉街

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Ganzhou Street, also known as Tea Street, played an important role in the developmental history of tea in Dadaocheng. In its prime, there are a dozen tea shops at Ganzhou Street and the nearby Guisui Street. Although Ganzhou Street is not as well visited nowadays, there are still some tea shops that follow the traditional tea making techniques to offer authentic tea culture, and make the tea brewed even more refreshing and fragrant.

In addition, Chaoyang Park on Chongqing North Road is currently a tea-themed park, which documents the past contribution of the tea industry and hopes to combine tea with culture, recreation, and tourism to rejuvenate the business in this old community.


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Ganzhou St, Datong Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C


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