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Qixing Mountain System: Pingding Ancient Canal Hiking Trail 七星山系-坪頂古圳親山步道

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The Pingding Ancient Canal and New Pingding Canal in Pingdeng Village are reminiscent of the village’s previous name of “Pingding”. Both canals were built more than 150 years ago to serve three purposes: transportation, irrigation and drinking-water supply. The Pingdeng Villagers remain highly dependent on these historic canals for their household water supply.

Old Pingding Canal Trail
The hiking trail starts from Lane 95 of Pingjing Street, Pingdeng Village, with its up-and down-hill stretches covered by moss. The first sight that greets hikers along the trail is Qingfeng Pavilion, and located near the canal entrance is a bright-red inscription saying “Old Pingding Canal” with a brief history of the canal provided. The hiking trail runs parallel to the canal until reaching a cave at the end of waterway. It offers a glimpse of an adverse waterfront aquatic ecosystem along the way.

Ecological phenomena along Old Pingding Canal Trail
The Old Pingding Canal Trail is located approximately 300-500 meters above sea level in Pingdeng Village, Shilin District, on a plateau sloping toward the south. A combination of meandering Neishuangxi River, Neiliao River, hills and creeks, the trail area is a cradle for various species of vegetation, mostly Giant Elephant Ears (Alocasia macrorrhizos), Red Nanmu (Machilus thunbergii), Chinese Soap Berry (Sapindus mukorossii), Kadsura Pepper (Piper kadsura) and bamboo. Boasting an aquatic ecosystem that nurtures insects and reptiles of all kinds, the trail ensures a surprise-packed hiking experience.


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Geotechnical Engineering Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government
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No. 29, Lane 370, Section 3, Zhishan Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C


1. Trail length: Hiking trail: approx. 1.3km, total: approx 2.3km
2. Altitude: 484m
3. Walking time: approx. 1 hr 12 min


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    水文、生態 處處是驚喜 走入竹林夾道的上坡路,青青苔蘚漫佈在石階、路旁的老樹上,間或出現的綠罩路燈也帶有幾分古樸味,這幽靜的綠色隧道恍若時空錯置,也許是要領我們回到百年前的「坪頂」。 首先映入眼簾的是水量最豐沛的登峰圳。這水圳雖然開闢時間最晚,但除了內雙溪以外,還導引沿途的山澗、溪流,以及附近礦坑內的水源,自然取之不盡、用之不竭啦。然後是略為「資深」的新圳,最後一段步道沿水圳而行,最後就會來到圳道尾端的水渠石洞,見到題有「坪頂古圳」的大紅字,過叉路左轉,順著下坡路來到覆滿青苔、古韻猶存的桃仔腳橋,古圳就在不遠處。興之所至,就先溯溪而下到溪谷戲水,反正接下來的路平坦好走,先玩個過癮,然後到小橋旁涼亭休息片刻再出發,超級舒心。​
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