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Office of the President

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Post date:2009-07-16


Office of the President
The current Office of the President was built to highlight Japan’s political power during the period of Japanese era. The building has always been the center of political power in Taiwan since its completion in 1919.
Both the exterior and interior of the Presidential Office emphasize Japan’s imperialist thinking. The building is laid out in the form of a rectangle, and is shaped like the Chinese character for the "sun," which symbolizes Japan. The periphery of the building is taken up by offices, and the central portion consists of a meeting area, which is surrounded by two outdoor garden areas.
The Presidential Office was designed by brilliant Japanese architects, and its style is a combination of Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque. The building consists of different architectural styles, yet is very graceful and harmonious. Its unique design made the Presidential Office a very unconventional building for its time.
Celebration activities are held every year from the square in front of the Presidential Office all the way to Ketagalan Boulevard on National Day (October 10). Many assemblies and parades also take place here.
If you are interested in the history and construction of the Presidential Office, make sure to make reservations by fax or the office’s website three days before your visit. Visitors can tour the office in the morning from Monday to Friday. Please remember to bring your ID and enter the office from the entrance on Boai Road or Baoqing Road. To spare you a fruitless trip, if you can’t make it during a weekday, you can go to the office’s website to check for open dates during weekends and holidays.


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