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Mayor Expresses Gratitude to Pandemic Fighters at Countdown Event

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Post date:2021-01-06



On the last day of 2020, Mayor Ko Wen-je expressed his gratitude to all the heroes standing in the frontline of pandemic prevention efforts during his speech at the 2021 New Year’s Eve Countdown Party.

The mayor pointed out that Taiwan joined the world in a year-long marathon which lasted the entire 2020. Since January of 2020, the tough fight against the COVID-19 pandemic tested the endurance and determination of all those involved in securing the defensive position on the medical front, as well as workers involved in quarantine operations such as the borough chiefs, fire, and police officers. He also thanked the service providers satisfying quarantine needs and related logistics, as well as the staff and celebrities supporting the countdown event.
Mayor Expresses Gratitude to Pandemic Fighters at Countdown Event
Ko remarked that Taiwan has faced severe challenges over the part 300 days, but the island has never hesitated in its approach. The experience from SARS roughly 17 years ago provided us with the determination in fighting COVID-19, helping us to move in the right direction and adopt necessary measures to protect our home. Over the year, we have witnessed thorough collaboration among the central and local governments, the private sector, and society.

While thanking the crowd for turning up for the countdown event, Ko pointed out that the support shown by the public for this city is an important factor in the fight against the pandemic. The turnout at the countdown party is the result of the successful collaborative effort that lasted the entire year.
Mayor Expresses Gratitude to Pandemic Fighters at Countdown Event
On the eve of 2021, the mayor called upon everyone to treasure what we have today, and meet the future with determination as we continue forth. In the past year, Taipei joined the world in fighting COVID-19. In the coming year, when the world is ready to welcome everyone back with open arms, Taipei will be ready to do the same thing. Finally, he wished everyone a happy and prosperous New Year.