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Firefly-spotting at Hushan: Win-win for Citizens and Ecosystem

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Post date:2021-04-23



The two Hushan’s (Tiger Mountain) firefly ecosystem guided tours organized by the Geotechnical Engineering Office on April 17 and 18 received widespread acclaim from citizens who participated in the event. Thanks to the lectures by professional guides, participants were able to observe the beauty of these glowing insects during mating season, as well as learn more about the nocturnal and riverside wildlife.
Firefly-spotting at Hushan: Win-win for Citizens and Ecosystem
The final firefly-spotting tours will take place on April 24 and 25! Don’t miss out on this final opportunity! There is no need to register beforehand – simply show up for the tour which lasts from 7 PM to 9 PM. Visitors can follow the firefly-spotting signs and enter from the hiking trail entrance next to Cihui Temple. There are 3 locations along the way with guided events which are led by experts familiar with firefly and creek wildlife ecology.

To coordinate with the firefly eco tours, the street lights within the conservation area will turn on after 9:30 PM. Also, to boost the safety of the trail for night time access without street lights, safety measures such as rope barriers and fluorescent floor stickers has been deployed. Participants are also reminded to walk slowly and be aware of their own safety.

Things to watch out for while firefly-spotting:
  1. Follow the instructions of on-site staff
  2. Being a hiking event, please assess your stamina before joining
  3. Wear long sleeve shirt and pants, as well as sports shoes
  4. Bring a sufficient supply of water
  5. Go to the restroom before hiking
  6. Take public transportation to the venue
  7. Do not use flashlight or other illumination device – if you must, remember to point the device towards the floor
  8. Do not capture fireflies
  9. Do not litter
  10. Do not push or shove, and refrain from making too much noise
  11. Be careful of steps
  • From MRT Houshanpi Station, head in the direction of Fude Street along Zhongpo South Road. It is roughly a 20-minute walk to reach the hiking trail entrance at Lane 251 of Fude Street.
  • After disembarking at Fude Elementary School bus stop, walking to the hiking trail entrance at Lane 251 of Fude Street takes roughly 10 minutes.
Firefly-spotting at Hushan: Win-win for Citizens and Ecosystem