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Cherry Blossoms Bloom at Yangmingshan, LOHAS Park

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Post date:2023-02-02



With the arrival of spring, the cherry blossom trees at Neihu LOHAS Park and Yangmingshan have entered full bloom season. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to enjoy hanami (flower-viewing) with your friends and family while basking in the renewed vitality of Mother Nature.
Cherry Blossoms Bloom at Yangmingshan, LOHAS Park
The first to blossom during the cold weather over Chinese New Year are the prunus campanulate – more commonly known as Taiwan cherry. Decorated in pale pink petals, these sakura trees attract numerous photo enthusiasts to the LOHAS Park and Yangmingshan.

The next batch of blooming cherry blossoms will be the prunus serrulate, which is also called Japanese cherry. Visitors at the park will notice that many of these trees are budding, with full blossoms expected around mid-February.

For those planning to stopp by Yangming Park on Yangmingshan to take in the wonderful sight, they will also have the chance to admire other floral beauties such as Hirado azaleas and Kurume azaleas. 

Director Huang Shu-ru of the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) pointed out that the 2023 Neihu LOHAS Yozakura Festival will kick off at 7 PM on February 3. Next in line will be the start of the annual Yangmingshan Flower Festival on February 11. These events will spotlight a number of fun-filled activities for the entire family.

Furthermore, entries are now open for the Taipei Sakura Cup Street Dance Tournament taking place at Yangming Park. The total amount of cash prizes for the competition exceeds NT$100,000!

Director Sung Fu-hua of PSLO’s Floriculture Experiment Center reminded the public that there is limited parking space around both LOHAS Park and Yangming Park. In addition, traffic control measures will be implemented during weekends at Yangminshan. Therefore, visitors are encouraged to take public transportation to reach these destinations.