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Umbrella Rental Service Introduced at MRT Stations

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Post date:2023-08-30



The Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) has joined hands with the startup company Raingo to offer shared umbrella rental services at all 117 MRT stations in Greater Taipei. The service highlights the concept of "rent instead of purchase", allowing users to borrow and return umbrellas at different locations.
Umbrella Rental Service Introduced at MRT Stations
The concept promoted by the startup has also been endorsed by a team of six members from the graduating class at Chien Kuo High School. They won both the Outstanding Award and the Popularity Award at the 2023 Taipei City Government Model Participatory Budgeting for School Campus. The company invited the team members to try out the umbrella rental service on the first day of its operation.

Raingo emphasized that the service aims to reduce carbon emissions and waste, saving users the hassle of unnecessary purchases and disposals of umbrellas. The collaboration with TRTC also secures key locations to offer the service to the public, creating a win-win-win situation for the company, the users, and the environment.

To access the service, simply download the "Raingo app" onto your smartphone or tablet and complete the registration process. After setting up the account, linking your payment method, and undergoing account verification procedures, you will be able to start renting umbrellas. To celebrate the launch of the rental service, newly registered users who sign up before the end of September will receive a free one-day rental voucher. They will receive another voucher by entering TRTC's special code "共享傘在北捷"; these vouchers will be valid through the end of October.
Umbrella Rental Service Introduced at MRT Stations
Raingo's umbrella rental service charges NTD19 for the first hour, NTD29 for two hours, and NTD39 for the first day. The fee for all subsequent days is NTD20 per day, up to a maximum of 14 days. For those who fail to return the umbrella after 14 days for any reason, the final charge will be NTD799. Users who lose their umbrella should contact customer service as soon as possible. If the lost umbrella is found, users can contact customer service (final charge based on the elapsed days).

For details, please contact TRTC’s customer hotline at 02-218-12345 or Raingo’s customer service at 02-7730-1131 or via LINE at @raingo.