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Shuangxi Park 雙溪公園

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Shuangxi Park derives its name from the merging of the meridional (north to south) Wai Shuangxi River and Nei Shuangxi River in Shilin. Situated at the intersection of Fulin Road and Zhishan Road, it has been an arterial point for travelling from Shilin to Yangminshan, National Palace Museum, and Waishuangxi River/Nei Shuangxi River. The Park was completed in 1974; the area open to visitors is about 2 hectares. It is a garden that was naturally landscaped.

The Park has flat terrain and is triangular shaped. Decorated with a style mimicking Chinese gardens, the Park presents natural scenery. A corridor is connected to the pavilions in the center of the pond, along with waterside pavilions, a stone cave, a nine-turn bridge, an artificial mountain, and a waterfall. Besides adhering to contemporary aesthetics, Shuanxi Park has also preserved the beauty of the past. For tranquility in a bustling neighborhood, this Park is definitely worth visiting.


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All year
Horticulture Management Division
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No. 307, Fulin Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

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