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Nanmen Market Offers Great Bargains for CNY Dinner, Holiday Souvenirs

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Post date:2022-01-07



The Taipei City Nanmen Market New Year’s Banquet Shopping Month officially kicked-off on January 5. With the Year of the Tiger right around the corner and booming internet business opportunities, the market’s merchants introduced a number of discounts and bargains for customers – even 100 sets of special Chinese New Year Dinner package at 50%-off!
Nanmen Market Offers Great Bargains for CNY Dinner, Holiday Souvenirs
The theme of this year’s event “Enter the Spring Tiger; Five Fortunes Celebrate Reunion” highlights the following elements: New Year’s banquet cooking ingredients, fresh produce, souvenir gifts, Nanmen flavors, and online discounts. The market boasts convenient one-stop-shopping for Chinese New Year’s Eve family reunion and dinner events, as well as for activities such as visiting friends and enjoying the great outdoor during the long holiday.
During the kick-off press event, Commissioner Lin Chung-chieh of the Department of Economic Development joined dignitaries and guests in making the classical Chinese New Year’s entrée of Fotiaoqiang (Buddha’s Temptation), which symbolizes family reunion and prosperity in the mish-mash of rich ingredients.
During the festival period, market venders offer perks: examples include free-shipping and home delivery with a bonus appetizer when preordering an entire set of Chinese New year’s dinner from Yixiangzhai and a buy-five-get-one-free deal on Shanghai-style rice cakes at Hoshin Bakery. Those making purchases at Nanmen Market exceeding a set amount during the festival will also receive a free gift.
Chairman Wang Chuan-ko of Nanmen Market Self-governing Association noted that in addition to offering both online discounts and in-store bargains, market merchants also offer convenient services such as home delivery arrangements via President Transnet Corp, third-party payment options, and shuttle services.
For more details on deals and bargains, please visit the Facebook fan page of Taipei Market , fan fan page of Nanmen Market , or Nanmen Market’s Online Store .


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