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TAIPEI Quarterly 2021 Winter Vol.26

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Post date:2021-12-10


TAIPEI #26 (2021 Winter)


To some, winter seems a gloomy season. But in Taipei, it's a joyous time of fun and festivities, a contrast of color and culture emerging against the gray backdrop of the colder months.

For this issue of TAIPEI, our theme is "Of Cool and Contrasts," and we invite you to discover all that surprises this city has to offer as we usher in this festive time.

Winter often gets us thinking about endings and new beginnings. So, it follows that our cover story takes a look at the end of a day, a season, and a year in Taipei, and the subsequent starts to each that follows quickly on their heels.

Jump next into our City Scene section, where we showcase the contrasts, twists, and turns created by the capital's unique mix of old and new. From the glory days of the Taipei railway system to the way ancient and modern sit side by side in the Shilin neighborhood, you won't want to miss these amazing stories.

Daily life, too, has its fair share of contrasts in Taipei. From the way in which old religious customs, such as worshipping the Tiger God, are kept alive, to the digital trends that are reshaping creativity in the city, we've got features exploring the many ways in which Taipei is keeping its past alive while embracing the future.

Another thing Taipei has come to embrace in recent years is accessible travel for tourists and locals with mobility issues. Check out our article on DuoFu Holidays, an agency opening up a world of travel to a segment of the population overlooked no more.

Of course, we can't get through winter without some good comfort food, and this season we're running the gamut through the sweet, the sour, the savory and the spicy, to make sure you know how to warm both body and soul when the weather turns cold.

And finally, we introduce you to a fascinating man, a brilliant professor who has brought the worlds of science and art together in ways you can't imagine.

All this and more, as TAIPEI takes winter in a warm embrace.

-Please wear a mask and follow the epidemic prevention regulations imposed by the government when going out during the pandemic.
-There are many private profile pictures published in this issue, hence no masks are worn by the figures present.

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